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 Geezer For Pres of the NZPF...you're having a LARRRFF

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PostSubject: Geezer For Pres of the NZPF...you're having a LARRRFF   Sat Apr 28, 2007 10:11 pm

So, there I was, just going along to the NZPF SGM to listen to what people wanted,and to maybe suggest a few ideas, and before I know it, I have been nominated for a position on the executive, and become the New Pres...

Now, if any of this strikes you as being a little bit out of left field, believe me, I was pretty stunned, and would say that I hope my tenure is a very short one, in fact, only as long as it takes the new board to plan and organise a full AGM, with all members either confirmed in attendance, or with properly organised proxy votes sorted out. While it is very nice to be trusted with this position, I don't think a quorum of 30 people, in a hastily (but neccessarily) organised SGM is the best way to secure the correct people to plan and organise the future of the NZPF...

Till we get it done, I will do my very best as Pres, to give it to you all straight, and let you know the truth of how the NZPF in it's current form, and with current support levels stands..
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PostSubject: Re: Geezer For Pres of the NZPF...you're having a LARRRFF   Tue Jul 10, 2007 10:37 am

heres hoping you werent havin a larf at the memberships' expense Geeza, it seems that since the election of the new committee that not a whole lot of anything has been done....this is not a snipe at you bro! it is just that the sport skydivers in NZ need a committed committee(not intended) to set the course of NZ sport jumping back on track, some young fellas with a fresh out look and some old blood to keep the finances in good shape. Bro, in your own words you are over committed as it is with the new family and emerging business. Get the commitee to do some work and give the membership something to look forward too....

Geezer, mate, sorry bout this next pun.....dont be left holding the baby, hand it on to less busy fellas and fellesses to raise it!!
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Geezer For Pres of the NZPF...you're having a LARRRFF
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